Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions for the Missoula HOG Chapter #3195.  If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be sure to get your question answered.

What is HOG?

HOG is both an acronym for Harley Owners Group and a trademark of the Harley-Davidson company.

The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is a world-wide,  sponsored community marketing club, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The HOG is “the grandaddy of all community-building efforts," serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle.

The Missoula Chapter is a sanctioned local Chapter of the world-wide group that is sponsored by Grizzly Harley-Davidson of Missoula Montana.

Is HOG right for me?

While our Member Events and Rides are limited to HOG Members of any Chapter, we do welcome and encourage any Harley Owner to attend our Monthly Member Meetings to meet our volunteer officers and other active Members.

Come visit us at our next monthly meeting to learn more about our club, our members and our activities.

Our Public Events and Rides are open to everyone, irrespective of the make/model of their motorcycle.

How does Grizzly Harley-Davidson of Missoula help the Missoula Chapter HOG?

In addition to being the Missoula Chapter HOG Sponsor with Harley-Davidson, the good folks at Grizzly Harley-Davidson will waive your 1st year's HOG Membership Dues (Both local and national) with the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Membership questions

We are thankful for our existing Members and we are always looking for new Members to join our Harley Owners Group!

Do I have to own a Harley-Davidson to Join?

In short, yes.  It is, after all, the Harley Owners Group!

If you are in the market for a new motorcycle and you would like to learn more about the Harley-Davidson family of motorcycles, we encourage you to stop in and visit with us.  As experienced Harley Owners, we will be glad to share our thoughts, experiences and opinions relating to Harley-Davidson motorcycles as an option for your next motorcycle purchase!

Do I have to be a member of the world-wide / national Harley Owners Group to be a member of the Missoula Chapter?

Since the Missoula Chapter is a sanctioned chapter of HOG World-wide, all of our Members must be active HOG Members.

Do I have to have a New Harley to Join?

Absolutely not!  Of course we welcome those lucky enough to be riding the latest Harley models in the same way we welcome those who own any model/year Harley-Davidson.

How frequent are HOG Dues?

HOG Dues are paid annually.

HOG World-wide/national are paid every 12 months from the initial sign-up.

Missoula Chapter HOG dues are paid in January of each year.

How much are HOG Dues?

HOG World-wide/national Dues will vary depending on the type of membership you elect.  Please visit the HOG World-wide/national web site for more details.

Missoula Chapter HOG Dues are $25 annually and returning members can receive a discount if their dues are paid during the annual membership drive.